TradeX1 has been providing and continues to provide customized services and trading options to the traders. These services provided by the company helps the traders make informed trading decisions since they are provided with all needed tools and latest information affecting the market. The has customers from all over the world.i.e. the United Kingdom, United State of America, Asia, and Europe. The company has managed to create a big customer base due to their ability to individualize attention given to each customer

Funds Safety

TradeX1 perfectly understand the only way traders can invest with total confidence is when they are sure their fund is safe, For instance, have a strict requirement that the companies conducting capital management have to meet. Trade X1 also observe to the letter all the international standards and rules by the government, for instance maintaining enough liquid capital, in that they are able to cover all their deposits. Lastly, the company does not mix its capital with traders funds.

MT4 Desktop

The main reason why MT4 Desktop was managed was to integrate financial instruments and manage CFDs, trading currencies, stocks, and futures. The good thing with MT4 Desktop it makes trading symbols more accessible and evaluating them becomes easier, in that traders can easily choose the instruments that fully fits their preference or needs.

Web Terminal

Undoubtedly, many traders from all over the world have made the Meta Trader 4 their hub of all their business activities, this is because it makes accessibility of Forex currency, stock indices, and stocks easy, remember, you don’t need to download any software for you to use Meta Trader 4, instead, it is browser based and it works better than iOS and Mac system. Due to its wide variety of resources, it can be used by both the novice and experienced traders.

Trade X1 has a number of assets which includes Forex, stocks, commodities, and indices, in this paragraph, we shall discuss the Forex. Forex has turned out to be the biggest platform where international currencies are exchanged. For instance, the company handles currency exchange of about 1.4 trillion on daily basis. Remember, the value of currencies is not constant because the banks are located in different part of the world and that why the trading in Forex market is carried out in a decentralized manner.

The other asset found in this company is the indices which investors use to tell the value of a given section of a stock market. Remember, when calculating the stock indices, you use the price of different stocks. By visiting, you are able to get real time updates which will save you the hustle of having to analyze all factors that may make the market price shift, this way, you can trade any index no matter its location. In case you are a trader looking for a trading environment that is trustworthy and productive, then you need to visit and see the difference in terms of account opening and trading tools advancement.

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