Vehicle theft continues to be a cause of concern among other crimes in the US. Despite the numbers going down in the last 2 decades, experts still believe that the control measures are lagging behind to counter the situation.

Use of novel methods and sophisticated skills deployed by modern day thieves, has further added to the woes of federal agencies. Acquiring smart keys and deceiving patrol points by changing the identification numbers are commonly used ploys today.

As per a recent report by insurance information institute, over 700 thousand motor vehicles were stolen in 2015 which is 3.1 % more than 2014 as per the FBI records.

A motor vehicle is stolen in the US every 45 seconds, a fact which looks more threatening than the general impression among the Americans.

Among brands, Honda has the most number of units stolen last year. Attribute it to fragile security system or better resale value, burglars know the truth.

Component theft is equally unsettling as vehicle theft. Items like air bags, head lamps and GPS systems are some of the favorites that thieves pounce upon at the first chance.

With component theft, one might assume the trauma and loses are a little less for the owners but the chances of thieves being traced, equally go down to a good extent.

We present a wonderful piece of infographic by ‘Elite Garage Door & Gate Repair‘, which takes a look at the auto theft scene in the country.

While it may not have a direct impact on thefts and numbers, it is definitely going to alert most of us to take precautionary measures.

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