Cricket is a religion in the subcontinent and it is one of the most widely watched sports in the world. The biggest cricketing blockbuster of 2017 is almost near and no one can wait to watch their cricketing heroes in action representing their Nations. The Top 8 ODI teams shall battle it out for supremacy in the upcoming ICC Champions Trophy 2017.

Termed as the ‘World Cup Of Champions’, millions of people worldwide are eager to watch their country emerge on top. And there’s no better online platform in the world like YuppTV which brings you live action of the tournament to several countries on the globe. It is one of the largest online TV platform to watch Indian channels with over 200 channels providing the broadcasting rights. And this time around, YuppTV is taking the ICC champions trophy online to millions of fans in Europe and Canada across the world. The Champions Trophy 2017 will be broadcasted live on YuppTV to fans in Europe and Canada. Cricket crazy fans settled in non-cricketing regions like South America can watch the highlights and important moments of every match on YuppTV platform. The tournament will be streamed live in high quality to all the Asian countries which are primarily the hub of international cricket. Viewers from the Carribean, UK, Australia and all the Asian countries can watch the highlights Eng vs NZ not only for this match but for all matches every day. It is spreading it’s wings for diehard cricket fans across the world. The large cricketing fan base in the USA will also not be disappointed as they can get the live audio commentary of all the matches on this platform.

Being one of the online broadcaster of the Champions Trophy this time around they shall make sure that no cricket fan across the globe misses even a single moment of the action. The biggest rivalries, the greatest clashes, the biggest sixes, the greatest catches, crucial boundary saves, the biggest turning points, and all the expert analysis of each game of the tournament is all available online exclusively across the globe only on YuppTV. Watch the live action along with millions of other viewers across the world and don’t even blink an eye as the action begins on all match days of the ICC Champions Trophy. There can’t be any excuses for missing the action as you can now catch the live action at a workplace, while walking on a road, while travelling, and anywhere you can think of. So, go ahead and download the app NOW.

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